Sasha Kopelowitz--Art
Night JourneyRise and HoverRevisionist History EffluviumRoomLeaning
I paint intricate abstractions that attempt to give form to libidinal chaos and the drive towards transcendence in the body, soul or unconscious.

These paintings provide the viewer with an immediate intimacy. Close attention will yield the richly detailed places and creatures that inhabit the soft biology of my imagination. There are floating creatures of exuberance and terror. Their fleshy forms and folds can be excited, erotic or terrifying.

Some of the places are temples or structures built from the same substance as the organisms. They are wrapped in multiple layers of brightly colored skins or cloths that surround and protect portals or chambers. Form and color imbue these organisms' skin and flesh with a vibrant corporeal knowledge that pulses with life. I believe that if our psyches had organs, this is what they might look like.

My morphology, represented by these organisms and structures, is in a constant state of tension forever striking a balance between the delicate and grotesque, chaos and order, body and spirit.